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Hazwoper Training in Seldovia,
brought to you by Tim Robertson.
October 16, 17, 18, of 2008
See photos of the field activity at
the SOS site, linked below.

Published by Sadi Synn
Seldovia Oil Spill Response Team Logo

Seldovia Response.
Training and Dispatching
Personel and Equipment.
We should have our first quarterly issue ready by mid or late August.

We have some letters to the editor...

John and Sera,
June 1

Of interest to Firefighters
Click on the photo below.

Photo of Brian Slover, Wildland Firefighter of Seldovia Village Area

New, Nov 30 2007
Jake and Harriet Booth Photos
from urban renewal era Seldovia.
Pages under construction, but
You can peek at the makings of a
Photo Gallery, click here.

New, April 29 2007.
Seldovia Lodge Fire Photos

Just a teaser of things to come,
The Methodist Church demolition operations
caught the Seldovia Float Dock on FIRE

This was during Urban Renewal, mid 1960's

Seldovia Float Dock on fire Seldovia Float Dock on fire

And these fellas extinguished the blaze
before it got out of hand

Dock fire extinguished Seldovia float dock fire, extinguished

There are hundreds of more photos to scan,
historical and recent..

Interviews with and photo stories about local artists
as well as verbal histories, some in audio formats.

Current events as well as historical photo-stories
all to come

Need a cutter? On the ground or in the treetops, dangerous trees removed. Save your structures from being crushed by blowdowns.

Photo of Arborist Sadi Synn in trees, with saw

Sadi Synn, Chainsaw operator

Ye never know what ye'll see
Seldovia Alaska

Sadi Synn at Seldovia harbour, Fourth of July 1990